An Exercise on Moral Reasoning

A. 1. Although it is not very prominent in our society, there are still many problems regarding adultery. Some people believe that having others outside marriage is acceptable because it is possible to love more that one person, but for me, this is a wrongful act. This is because during marriage, the couple swear to each other that they would be the center of each others’ lives. They form a commitment with God as their witness that they would stay with each other. Because of this, I believe that breaking this commitment is wrong and ultimately, the act of committing adultery is also wrong. A person should not sacrifice commitment for pleasure.


2. There are instances wherein a wrongful act is not considered bad or sinful because a sinful act involves the person’s knowledge that it is wrong, the person’s own decision and the action’s harmfulness. There are some situations wherein the act was wrong, but does not involve any or some of these three criteria. The action should be wrong and harmful because a simple act that is right and is beneficial to others cannot be considered sinful. The action should also result from a person’s own decision and knowledge because he/she could have simply been forced to commit that wrong act, or is simply a matter of self-defense such as killing a person who threatened him/her with a knife.


3. I believe that I am a moral rationalist because I do have my own side on whether things are right or wrong, but I still take into account the situation or the opinion of others regarding whether it is considered sinful or not. Being a moral rationalist means that you have to first take into account all the possible reasons why the act was committed in a particular event, but in the end, you still have to have your own stand regarding whether that act is sinful or not depending on the situation.


B. I think that what you are planning to do is wrong and sinful. I know that you like that other girl, but you already married your wife, and the commitment you hold is stronger than any other commitment you had or will ever have. I mean during marriage, you already promised her that you would always stay with her, so I don’t think you should cheat on her, now that both of you have gone through a lot of things together. Think about it, is it right to let go of your commitment with your wife just because you have found someone better? If you aren’t sure on what to do, I feel that you have to think it over, know the possible consequences of your actions. It would hurt her very much if she finds out, and I don’t think you’d want that. Assume that it’s wrong, you wouldn’t want to commit something sinful would you? You’re a very devout Catholic, don’t disregard the teachings of the church about commitment. Well at least the fact that you are talking to me about it means that you’re already having doubts regarding this issue. If it’d help you more, you can ask advice from my other friends who are more experienced in this matter, or even consult the priest to know more about it. Don’t pursue it just because of the pleasure it will bring you.

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I am fine with the use of GMOs to alter the genetic make up of food to somehow better it. I believe that there is nothing wrong with trying to make food more accessible to the masses, and that it is actually good that scientists are trying to make these food healthier for the benefit of the people. Also, I believe that these GMOs can help improve the problems regarding the shortage of food in some third world countries.

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The Best Kropek

It was really hard to compare the flavor of the oil because of the different kropeks used. Because of this, I had a hard time finding out which tastes the best in terms of the oil, but the one that had a distinct taste was the kropek containing coconut oil. This is because all the other oils tasted the same for me. The coconut oil had a distinct aroma and tasted differently from all the other oils used, making it memorable.

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xsibcle2012 AOK module3

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Problem Solved

One of the main problems regarding food nowadays is the storage. Sometimes, it is very hard to store food as it easily spoils. Scientists should improve preservation methods to be able to store food longer, preventing the wastage of food. Also, some chemicals in the food we eat are detrimental to our health. Scientists should find ways to remove these chemicals or to lessen them to minimize the damages they can cause.

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Food is what people take in to provide nutrients for the body. This is what people eat to survive and grow. A normal food is what’s commonly eaten, of these include chicken, pork and beef meat, fish, vegetables and the like. These food are considered normal because these are what’s usually served in restaurants or even at home. Also, these food are easy to find and are delicious. Some food are considered weird because they are not normally eaten. This is because these food come from living things considered to be disgusting. Also, some of these are sometimes considered dirty. In the websites, 5 of the weirdest food for me include the tuna eyeball, the codfish sperm, the rotten soybeans, the casu marzu and the white ant eggs.
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VC with Saint Mary’s College

The video conference with Saint Mary’s College proved to be a success, and days of preparations and worrying paid off as we were able to have a deep and meaningful conversation with the students of the opposite school. We started the conference with an introduction of our schools, sharing what we liked about it, then later on, delved deeper on our definitions of faith and how it was lived in our societies. During this conference, I was more prepared and more experienced as this is my second VC, and I can say that I was able to contribute a lot of ideas to the overall theme. There were not much technical difficulties and the video call was pretty smooth. Also, many of the Xaverians present were able to talk to the Australians; everyone was involved in the conversation and for me, no one was left out.

Although the video call was pretty good and the discussion was rich and very free-flowing, it could’ve been better if the students from the opposite school showed everyone in their class, not just one person. Another improvement could’ve been our preparedness, I think that we could’ve done better if we had prepared more questions that we could ask so that nothing had to be thought off on the spot. Other than these, I think that the video conference was a success and I learned a lot from it.

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